• 1. Why drink water after you massage?
    Chemicals are everywhere, especially in your food, cosmetic, deodorants, etc. These very chemicals are ingested or absorbed into your body’s muscle tissue on a regular basis. Then your favorite massage therapist comes along and kneads your muscle tissue in an effort to promote good health, both physical and mental. Suddenly those chemicals are pushed back into the blood stream and your body wants them out. So the added H2O in the system helps to kick out the toxins.

    2. Why try different therapists at Kneading Therapy?
    Because we are individual in our own way, our therapists all bring something a little different to their massage, as their technique all vary. This means you, the client, have the greatest variety and the best in massage that Richmond has to offer at our finger tips. All you have to do is ask. Our therapists celebrate the differences that we all have to offer, and we hope you will too!

    3. Why am I sore after my massage?
    Muscle soreness after you massage happens for a variety of reasons. If your therapist is doing Deep Tissue massage than it stands to reason that you may experience some soreness the next day.
    When applying deep pressure past the superficial soft tissue layers, the therapist is usually working on some type of issue such as loss of range of motion.
    Perhaps the client has forgotten to increase the recommended water intake after the massage. All the toxins that have been flushed out of your muscle tissue during your massage settle back into the muscle and may cause muscle soreness.

    4. Why Alcohol and Massage do not mix?
    The answer is actually multifaceted, but simply put, massage forces the alcohol and it's toxins back into the blood stream. This happens at such a rate, that the body is going to object with a sudden onset of nausea and vomiting.

    5. What do I do about muscle spasms?
    Having problems with muscle spasms? Try a cold pack to the area for about 14 to 20 minutes. The muscle will usually “let go” of that pesky knot. If the problem should persist, seek out help from your doctor or medical professional.

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